A Professional Chain Manufacturer

Release time:2021-08-17

Chain is widely used in the filed of mining,marine boat and etc.It has many production process:Cutting Bar,Heating,Bending,Welding,Trimming,Stud setting,Heat treatment,Proof&Breaking load test,Optical crosstalk,Dipping lacquer.

We have strict quality inspection before leaving the factory,and products quality are very much appreciated by our customers Worldwide.

As a leading manufacturer of chains in Shandong Province,we chiefly produce regular steel link chain,high tensile chains,stainless chains,Knotted chains and animal chains.Our company have supplementary equipment such as chain making machine set,stud manufacting machines,proof load testing machines and etc.Nowadays we successfully supply important players on the worldwide markets.

We have several decades export experience,so if you have any hardware needs,just click on our website to contact us. 

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