Different Kinds of Hooks

Release time:2021-05-29

Hooks are used in Mining,Seaport,Electric Lines,Construction for lifting,connecting,tension and etc.


SHANDONG YIFA CASTING&FORGING CO.,LTD has different kinds of hooks,such as Eye&Clevis Grab Hook,Eye&Clevis Slip Hook,Eye Hook with Latch,Swivel Hook,Slide Choke Hook,DIN689 Hook and etc.


Different hooks are with different materials.In general,there is 2 different materials for choice,one is Alloy Steel,the other is Carbon Steel.Of course,different material with different working load.They are all Forged,Quenched and Tempered.


The most important is that we can produce customized hooks.We have the ability of product design,research,develop and mould making as well as testing.

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