Load Binder-A Good Helper at Work

Release time:2021-05-20

The load binders are designed for working on the truck to tie up the wire rope and secure goods.To suit for different wire rope sizes,Shandong YIFA Casting&Forging Co.,Ltd do have different sizes available.The standard finish is powder coat,we can follow with customers needs to have different colors.  

We have mainly three types:one is G70 Ratchet Load Binder,the second is G70 Standard Load Binder,the third is E.U. Safety Type Load Binder,the main difference with G70 load binder is on the hook, the hook of EU safety Type with Stop Pin, another there is a stop pin in the tube.So it can resist more load,for the same size with higher working load,we produce 5 sizes for this type,they are mainly exported to European market.    

For all above 3 types binders,we make proof test of 2times one by one,so our quality is much appreciated by client who buy. 

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